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everybody got scared there. calm down, everybody. >> i wasn't sure what you were saying there. anyway, it looks like a great start to the day. 78 degrees, wind is light out of the south-southwest. temperature-wise, we're kind of muggy, 77 in kingsville. guess what? we factored in the humidity. it feels like we're at 84 in kingsville. 82 is what it feels like in owings mills. a hot one on tap once again. we're looking at mainly clear skies south of baltimore. mainly cloudy to the north. it will be a mix of sun and clouds and storms rolling through as we head into the afternoon hours. 89 degrees the daytime high. see how the roads are shaping up. here's kim. >> thanks, susan. the roads are looking good here at route 50 and route 97. traffic is moving smoothly if you are headed to the beltway.
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no problems to let you know about there. those earlier construction projects have been picked up. we have a couple of smaller incidents around the area. the right lane remains blocked because of debris on the roads reported as tire tread. in elie scott city -- ellicott city, frederick road has issues. checking the jfx, traffic is moving along smoothly and light this morning. jamie, back to you. we're getting new information in here about that deadly plane crash that killed two people earlier this month. the preliminary report on the plane crash says witnesses told federal investigators that the mane's engine stopped just before the crash. the national transportation safety board said the plane's wooden propeller wasn't turning before the crash. according to the report, the fuel was contaminated. here's the latest now on the hate crime against a 76-
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year-old black man in baltimore. we're learning that the family will be seeking legal action. james is back home where his wife tells us she must monitor him 24 hours a day along with 28-year-old calvin locknear, police picked up two teens in connection with tuesday's beating. emmanuel mill areand zachary. both face charges except the hate crime because they tell police that locknear was the ring leader in this racial attack. >> we're not in a position to know the full extent of their beliefs and a lot about their lives. >> it's not the group giving the direction, it's the people belonging to the groups for whatever reason who tend to be acting on their own ideology. >> there are 13 known racist groups active in our state including the maryland
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skinheads. a 2007 documentary you are watching right now is posted on youtube. the world health organization is warning that swine flu could soon explode back on the scene. officials say most countries may see swine flu cases double every three to four days until peak transmission is reached. robert novak will be laid to rest today. he passed away tuesday after a long battle with cancer. he sparked a major controversy after revealing the identity of valerie plame in one of his columns. he was dieing avossed with a brain tumor and retired after that. he was 78 years old. new political fallout from a baltimore marriage proposal that made national headlines. jon cardin has now apologized
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and offered to reimburse mees after staging an elaborate marriage proposal. he arranged for the city police helicopter and marines to be involved. now his republican party chairman is calling for an ethics panel to investigate further. lawmakers should determine whether cardin used his office to abuse police resources. the only thing happening today is get out and buy a megamillions ticket. there is nothing else for to you do today except to bay a darn ticket. $207 million, that's it. that's all that's happening today. from food to music and more, it was a celebration of the best charm city has to offer. last night, we were honored to be among those at the hippodrome. megan pringle and i were named best morning anchor team by the magazine and delia goncalves was picked as best reporter.
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steve jeffy, the publishingisher explains why he looks forward to this every year. >> you don't get a chance to get them under one roof. it's always nice to hear people say it is the best party every year. >> a portion of the proceeds went to prevent child abuse and neglect. i think they are still going at it. when it comes to rest rooms, baltimore's tremont hotel comes in at number two in the nation. for number ones and number twos because it was selected for its beautiful imported marble, chandeliers, hand carved wood work. tens of thousands of votes were cast. we have number one coming in from branson, missouri. keep it going. just let it go. oh, that's so nice. if you love chills and thrills, king's dominion has the ride for you. we'll show you the latest
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addition to the theme park. stem cells are helping bring old friends back together again. and a live look outside. 78 dee degrees. i think you know aleen gabey's coming up with the dog of the day. right now, here is mark jones with the mta report. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning. the commute start is a good one out there right now on the light rail and metro subway. pen train 401 is running five to ten minutes late. brunswick train 890 with a 15- minute delay. on the buses, look for the number 50 to be diverted to st. claire or chesterfield construction on the scene. the 8 and 40 buses are running 15 to 20 minutes late. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. hearts happy...
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all right. king's dominion in virginia now plans to build a $25 million intimidator 3.05 gigacoaster. it will debut in the spring of 2010. the largest single capital investment for the park's history. the 5100 foot long steel roller coaster is built for nascar legend dale earnhardt with 305
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foot lift. wait a minute, do they come back up? there they go. look how fast it goes. that is neat. let it go again. do we have enough? all right, come on, come on. get up, take it real slow and watch this thing vanish off the screen. come on, hurry up, hurry up. one more like a caterpillar. here we go and -- oh, no. [ laughter ] let's take a look at weather with susan shrack. >> thanks a lot. good morning, everyone. not sure it's worth the anticipation. it's going to be another one of those days for lots of muggy conditions out there. 78 degrees, relative humidity 82%. we are looking at temperatures in the upper 70s for the most part, and then when you factor in the heat and humidity, it makes it feel like we're 90 in chestertown. makes it feel like we're in the
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80s elsewhere. another hot and muggy one for us. we're looking at clouds mainly north of the city, clear areas to the south. everyone will be seeing their sun and cloud mix throughout the day today. as the clouds continue to build throughout the after nan hours, we're looking at a high of 89 degrees and a couple of thunderstorms rolling through. some of those downpours could be heavy at times so be aware of that. it could be problems for folks that are driving home this afternoon. here's kim with the roads. >> reporter: we have a quiet start to your fry commute. route 50 at route 97, traffic is moving along nicely in both directions. headed to 97 northbound, headed to the beltway, everything is running smoothly. on the outer loop at harford road, we use caution. also in ellicott city, the vehicle fire remains on the scene. kind of near the patapsco state park so use caution there as
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well. checking here at the jfx. jfx at northern parkway, traffic is moving along smoothly. so let's check in with linda so. linda? >> what we all need to know to stay safe in this extreme heat. ,
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all right. football players push themselves, and in this heat, you have to be careful or else this will happen. linda so has the story that will make all teams have a light practice today. linda? >> reporter: it's the time of year student athletes hit the field again, but for a dozen players, it landed them in the hospital for heat exhaustion. players with the ken island buccaneers varsity team were on the field for about 35 minutes when they started to get sick. some developed cramps and nausea. none of the students was seriously injured but had to be take ton local hospitals. others are still there and some were released. caroline's son got sick. >> it's very hot. the temperatures are out there, and the coaches into ed to take into consideration that there are a lot of kids and need to make sure they have water. >> reporter: this hot weather
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can be dangerous. there are things you can do to prevent heat-related illnesses. stay hydrated, drink lots of fluids but stay away from alcohol and sugary drinks. avoid drinks that are too cold. they can cause stomach cramps. stay indoors and if the ac isn't working, take a cool bath or shower. if you have to be outside, limit active toy to morning and evening hours. take breaks in the shade so your body can recover from the heat. all 12 football players are expected to be okay. it is a reminder for us all to be careful in the hot weather. linda so, abc 2 news. no word yet if workers at the case mason filling in roseville will be back at work today. they had to be evacuated because of dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide. ten people went to the hospital and are all expected to be okay. if you are interested in
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the cash for clunkers program, you only have a couple more days to get in on the rea baits. it officially ends on monday at 8:00. the program has been darn successful. more than 450,000 gas guzzlers have already been traded in. good morning. i'm meteorologist susan shrack. a quiet start for us this morning. it is on the muggy side. let's look at the temperatures, 78 degrees right now, relative humidity 82%. temperature as cross the state pretty much the same story. 77 in winchester, virginia. 79 in easton. there on the eastern shore, we're seeing 85 degrees in ocean city. it feels warmer than that. feels like we're in the 80s across the state. feels like in the mid-90s at ocean city. so a really warm one to start us out. that will continue to be the case throughout the day today.
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mix of clouds and clear areas. we're looking at clear conditions mostly in the south of baltimore. we're seeing a couple of sprinkles west of the mountains. for the most part, we're looking at another day where we have the mix of sun and clouds in the morning, incoming clouds and showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. that trough and the system that is keeping all of this unsettled weather place over top of us will help divert hurricane bill away from the coastline. bill is still well formed, strong and is about the size of texas right now. so it is a powerful storm and is a category three continuing towards the coastline that our trough and frontal system diverts it off to the east and away from the coastline. we are expecting heavy surf and dangerous rip currents so be aware of that if you are headed out to the coast. 89 degrees, partly sunny and a couple of storms around. for the next several days, looking at the unsettled pattern. then sunday, the front has
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moved through. we're looking at cooler, drier conditions for the first part of next week. then we go back up to the upper 80s for the end of the week. back to you. we do have building volumes on both directions of 95 as we look here. just north of white marsh boulevard, the southbound lanes will be on the right-hand side of the screen. traffic is moving along steadily as you make your way down towards the 695 split. no problems to let you know about at the tunnels, either, however, on the outer loop at hartford road, the right lane remains blocked because of the tire treads taking up the roadway. just use caution there. ellicott city, the vehicle fire remains on the scene. here at the jfx at north avenue, traffic is moving along very nicely at this hour. jamie, back to you. aleen gabey brought in biscuit. look at little biscuit. >> biscuit knows how to bark. >> a big bark. >> she he is actual i had 8 years old and has a little
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cataract in one of her eyes. i think it's sort of challenging for her to see what's in front of of her. she gets a little startled, but she's sweet. we don't think she would do well with young kids, but she's house broken and friendly dog. >> come on, biscuit. you brought some apple, and you used that on my a couple of times. >> this is a great product. on the cover it's got this little scratching dog. you can use it if your dog is, you know, chewing on himself too much, but i prefer to use this on actual products he's chewing on your home. >> shoes, furniture. >> electrical wires. >> and it works. >> it does. >> it's not dangerous to eat, they just don't like the taste of it. theytry to steer clear of it. you don't want them to get hurt, especially with an electrical wire if you have kittens and puppies in the house. you also don't want your stuff to get ruined. it is a great product if you do
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have issues with your pet's skin, then go see your vet. that is a medical issue. the spray won't fix that. >> biscuit, we'll get you a home, little buddy. biscuit and bacon tomorrow somewhere. i want to run this story by you. we have 9-year-old lola, all right? watch this. she can run but she couldn't before. it's nothing short of a miracle. she was practically paralyzed by debilitating arthritis in her hips. now stem cell therapy is treating her arthritic bones. so far, vets are encouraged by what they see. >> it is a relatively simple procedure compared to a major procedure like a total hip replacement. >> some of the potential with this is enormous. they are looking at not just the arthritis, which is what we're treating dogs, but they are looking at it being used from liver disease and heart
5:52 am
disease and things like that. >> lola's owner says she couldn't be happier that she got her old friend back. what do you think about that? >> lola waddles. it's cute. >> it used to be a bad waddle before, but she's all right. >> that's amazing. >> have a great weekend. coming up, a lot mr to tell about you here and then we'll start the 6:00 news on "good morning, maryland" so stay right where you are. moms know kids need calcium...
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the art of getting dirty. the art of getting clean. new powerfully formulated wisk®... is better on tough mud stains than tide total care. wisk®. powerfully clean. perfectly priced. all right. it's friday. we have a little surprise here on this friday because one of the greatest security guards in the history of the free world is right outside our window here. let's surprise him here. let's open the door. follow me. you got the key? >> get up, man. get up. here he is, the great mr. lonny. happy birthday, lonny! >> thank you very much. thank you very much. >> there you go. mr. lonny has been here for so long, and he is is the best security guard. i'm telling you, what is it about you that makes so you friendly with a smile on your face and protect each and every one of us? >> a great personality. i'm a leo, very overprotective.
5:56 am
a leo will always make sure that everybody's protected. >> yeah. well happy birthday to you, lonny. blow out the kands and make a wish and know that you are not winning the lottery because that's already taken so blow them out. yea. honestly, you are are the best, man. keep it up. happy birthday, lonny. get back to work, will ya? he is the best. let's start the 6:00 news right after this. stay with us.
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 "good morning, maryland." welcome in this friday morningp we'll look at weather and traffic in a second but first, let's look at the top stories we're working on for you right now. you probably say this to your own high schooler. how can you practice in the heat? you'd better drink your water. here's what happens when you go too far. the only man convicted of blowing up a jet is now a free
5:59 am
man. you'll hear from a family member who shares her thoughts. we all thought the cash for clunkers would make it to the labor day exit. nope it's pulling off the road this weekend. now to the weather with susan shrack. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. we're starting off with calm conditions and mezzant out there. -- pleasant out there. 78 degrees, wind out of the south-southwest. there's no breeze to cool us down. the feels-like temperature puts us up into the 80s. feels like 86 in rock hall. so another warm start for us. it will continue to be warm today. we're looking at clouds for the most part to the north of baltimore. they catch up to the southern area soon enough. then we'll see storms around for this afternoon, 89 degrees for the daytime high. check out the

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